How To Treat Wrinkles

Now we will discuss the treatment of wrinkles as a continuation of wrinkle treatment.

Botulinum toxin type A (Botox)

When Botox is injected in small doses into specific muscles, Botox will block the chemical signals that make muscles tighten. When the muscles can not tighten, the skin will look more flat and smooth and fine lines will be reduced. Botox works well on fine lines on the forehead and between your eyebrows, and wrinkling at the end of eyes. The results usually last for 3-4 months. Repeated injections is needed to maintain the desired results.

Face-lift procedure is performed by removing excess skin and fat on the face and neck and tightens the muscles and connective tissue under the skin. The result will usually last for 5-10 years. The recovery time is also typically much longer, in which blisters and swelling can be seen even during the few weeks post-surgery.

The thing to note is that the results may differ depending on the location and depth of wrinkles. And no one can stop the aging process, so the procedure must be repeated regularly to maintain the desired results.

In addition, the above procedure can also have various side effects. So be sure to consult with your doctor first. And also make sure that the dermatologist or plastic surgeon who performs the procedure has been trained and qualified to perform the desired procedure. In addition to smooth out wrinkles techniques mentioned above, there are also some things we can do to prevent wrinkles that come early.

Here are some of them we can show you:

Use sunscreen every day

Use sunscreen with an SPF, at least SPF 15 and as much as possible, avoid sun exposure at 10:00 to 16:00. By using sunscreen, there are two advantages to be gained, namely: minimize wrinkles and protect skin from the possibility of skin cancer, which can be fatal.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight

By using these glasses will be able to block the UV rays while outdoor activities, you can protect the sensitive skin area around the eyes. Moreover umbrellas and hats can also be used to protect your skin from sunlight.

Sleep on your back

If you sleep face down on the pillow, it can lead to ‘sleep lines’ that as we age can be wrinkled. This may be a matter of habit that is difficult to change, but if you can change it, it can reduce the onset of fine lines later in life.

Do not smoke

In addition to causing health problems such as cancer, smoking can also cause wrinkles. A study shows that premature wrinkles will increase due to consumption of cigarettes, and the period of smoking habit. Heavy smokers will have wrinkles five times more than non-smokers. The researchers speculate that smoking would accelerate the occurrence of wrinkles due to damage to the collagen layer. Movement of the mouth when smoking will also cause / worsen the wrinkles around the mouth.

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Use moisturizer

By using moisturizer, you can reduce wrinkles because moisturizer can soften the skin. Moisturizers work by locking the moisture on the skin surface. Although the results seen are temporary, but if moisturizer is used routinely, it can help improve skin texture & keep its moist.

Facial expressions

Some people have a tendency to frown, eyes widened, or furrowed brows all the time. The result is, the wrinkles will be more visible in these areas. Frequently we are not aware when making facial expressions, the way to do is to look at your face on the mirror and observe the facial expressions that often you do. By changing these habits, it can keep the skin protected from premature wrinkles.

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