How To Turn Fat Into Muscle

Many men want to turn fat into muscle. However what they don’t realise is that fat and muscle are two completely different types of body tissue. You can’t simply turn fat into muscle. What happens is that you burn off excess fat that has been concealing the muscle underneath.

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Then with further exercise you develop these muscles further to give you the physique that you desire.Turning fat into muscle is a myth that has been repeated so often that many people take it as fact that this is what actually occurs. What you need is an exercise program that burns off excess fat and also develops muscle tissue.

Cardio exercises such as running, aerobics and skipping are great for burning off fat. You also want to change your diet so that you are only eating the most nutritious foods for your body – claims GOLIAS.

Resistance training exercises are needed to build muscle.

Resistance training is also known as strength training and is commonly practised using weights and exercise machines. Resistance exercises place strain on the muscles which forces them to grow. By creating new muscle mass you are also eliminating fat in the process as more muscle increases the rate of your metabolism. Increasing the metabolism of your body causes fat to be burnt off at a faster rate.

In fact for each pound of lean muscle your body will burn 50 calories a day regardless of what you are doing.Now that you are starting to get the picture of what to do to turn fat into muscle you are probably looking for some kind of program to follow.

What you need is a program that combines diet with both cardio and resistance training.

Forget the turn fat into muscle myth and see the process as having two steps. You burn fat and you build muscle. This myth has also led to the belief that if you can turn fat into muscle then the reverse must also be true. If you build muscle and then stop it’s not all going to turn back into fat again!

Weight training is an important part of your fat reduction workout as it raises your body’s metabolism and keeps it raised long after you have finished exercising. Your metabolism can be raised for up to 39 hours after your workout which means that for this period you are burning fat at a faster rate.

Carbohydrates are important as they provide energy for your body. This means that when you train with weights you are using up these carbohydrates as fuel. There comes a point where your body’s demand for energy exceeds what can be supplied by stored carbohydrates. At this point your body will start to burn off body fat to provide it with the fuel it needs.

You should be aware that trying to lose weight without muscle building exercises will also result in loss of muscle mass as you will be losing muscle as well as fat. Losing muscle means that is going to be harder for you to maintain your lower weight as your metabolism will have slowed down and this will lead to weight gain once again.

The next step is to find the right exercise program for you. As you notice the changes take place in your body you will realise that the turn fat into muscle myth is just an illusion.

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