Maintaining Physical And Mental Health

Do you still remember the slogan “sana in corpore sano men “? In a healthy body there is a healthy soul. You can imagine when in a healthy body, but the soul disturbed.  This will greatly troublesome body owners, their families and the people around him. Moreover, when the body is not healthy, causing unhealthy soul anyway.

Physical and mental health

Have we and our families are active in sports? Sports are meant here, is regular exercise that was done on purpose to maintain stamina and physical health. Morning walk, jogging, gym in the morning or do a variety of aerobics exercises on a regular basis highly recommended by health experts.

When our bodies are healthy, whether our inner and mental also healthy by itself? There are some suggestions from mental health experts on this subject.

Let’s look at some advice from them.

  •  Active exercise.
  • Realistic mental attitude – By having a realistic mindset, we will have a flexible attitude is needed when experiencing temptation, changes in life and continue living after going through these times.
  • Pride and self-confidence – Focus instead on the things that we do not have, but on the positive things that we have to bring a sense of pride in ourselves and raise confidence.
  • Mental support – Make the relationship with family and friends, where we can give and receive help and support when we need.
  • Mental toughness – Keep busy mentally and physically by doing exercises to improve our mental toughness such as, read books, crossword puzzles, playing music.

1. Think about your mental health. Perform regular assessment. Consider stress or certain things that satisfies your mind, and think of how it affects your life.

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2. Give the opportunity and time to yourself for free for a moment of fear and the things that satisfies your mind. You will realize that it will be able to provide freshness and new feeling, which relief and growing confidence.

How to maintain physical and mental health?

  • Work out.
  • Imagining with eyes closed, and imagine that you are in a pleasant, peaceful and makes you happy.
  • Undergo your hobby will make you feel free from the tensions of everyday life, because the things you do are the things you like, and this will take your mind busyness, so it makes your brain becomes active.
  • Create a collection of positive mental state, thinking the times when you feel joy, happiness and other positive feelings.
  • Learning to deal with negative things, by think quietly, not panic, and be realistic.
  • Do all things one at a time, treat the problem one by one. Like when you walk or talk with friends, turn off your mobile phone.
  • Make a realistic achievement targets and not too pushy. Each achievement you get will foster self-confidence and inner satisfaction.
  • Keep a diary, as a way to release emotions that arise in the face of many things in everyday life.
  • Laugh, sometimes life makes us be so serious and uptight. Make us laugh by seeing or hearing things that are funny, so it will loosen the tension that we face.
  • Volunteering will make us accustomed to empathize with others and cause feelings of love to share, happy charity and expand your world.
  • Love yourself, give reasonable gifts, cook your favorite food, take a bath with warm water or to a movie. Invite friends or relatives who have never met, pamper yourself. Whatever you do, give it time to do it all just for yourself!

Do not let the physical and mental health impaired. Let us get used to maintain the health of both. More useful info here:

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