Natural Sources Of Baby Vitamins

Newborn baby need a lot of vitamins and minerals for their growth. However, baby vitamins may will given only to babies by certain medical cases. Baby vitamins is not recommended to be given to infants of normal birth and have no medical problems. Especially in infants who are healthy and normal, which can get nutrients from their mothers through breast milk. Because in the first six months of their lives, babies are encouraged to only obtain nutrition from breast milk. Because the nutrients and vitamins contained in milk are complete to meet their nutritional needs.

However, along with age of your baby, and the expiration of period breastfeeding within the first six months, babies begin to be introduced to foods, other than breast milk. At this time, you can add vitamins and minerals that are essential for the growth of your baby.

However, because vitamins and minerals can also be obtained naturally, it’s better if you give baby vitamins through food is consumed. This is much better than getting baby vitamins through the intake of supplements.

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The following is an explanation of some vitamins and minerals that are useful for the development of your baby.

Vitamin A

These Vitamin is useful in helping to improve your baby’s visual development. Also have a role in bone cell growth process. If your baby has a deficiency of vitamin A, so he can suffer from night blindness, impaired growth, and susceptible to virus infection. Vitamin A is found in cheese, liver and eggs.

Vitamin B Complex.

The function of vitamin B is to support energy production and the formation of brain cells in infants. Along with niacin, vitamin B1 had a role in helping to generate energy. For the formation of red blood cells needed vitamin B12. Vitamin B complex will help prevent a late growth, vision problems, anemia, impaired cardiac and nerve damage in infants. Vitamin B is generally found in wheat and whole grains, liver, beans, meat, eggs, fish and milk.

Vitamin C

You can get vitamin C from variety of orange-colored fruits such as oranges, papaya, mango, and so forth. The benefits of vitamin C is to maximize the absorption of iron. If your baby is suffering from lack of vitamin C, he probably can suffer anemia, weak bones and other disorders.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is essential for calcium absorption into bone. Morning sun can be very helpful in this regard. You can bring your baby basking in the sun in the morning that could help the formation of pro-vitamin D in their bodies. But there are also milk formula or foods that are fortified with vitamin D. Eating such foods is more advisable than give supplements to your baby. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to disease called rickets that is a disease that can weaken the bones and makes bones to be deformed.

Minerals for Infant Growth

In addition to vitamin, babies also need a number of important minerals for growth baby’s such as: Iron, iron has many benefits in the body. Including helping to bring oxygen to the cells. The growing baby physically and mentally, in desperate need of iron intake for its development. Cow’s milk fortified with iron can be given to your baby either directly or in the food. Dark green vegetables are also rich in iron.


Zinc helps the proper functioning of hormones in the body that was instrumental in the growth of infants. You can find the content of zinc in the marine fish, nuts, oysters, fruit, vegetables.


Calcium deficiency in infancy can result in fragile bone structure, thereby accelerating the risk of osteoporosis. Calcium contained in milk and variety of dairy ingredients such as cheese, and so forth.

That is a few description of the baby vitamins , how to get it and use of minerals for your baby’s growth. Hopefully useful!

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