Recognize The Importance Of Vitamins For Eyes

Eyes are the most important sense of human. With eyes, we can see the beauty of the world, and witnessed the damage caused by natural disasters or human-inflicted damage itself. With eyes, we can determine our live. Because the eyes have very important function of, so we should always keep and care for our eyes. One of the way is by taking vitamins for eyes, so that our eyes always in a healthy condition.

As we often hear and know, vitamin that has an important role in maintaining eye health is vitamin A. This vitamin is mainly found in carrots, so if we want to increase the intake of vitamin A, we have to eat carrots in sufficient quantities. This assumption  is not wrong. Many studies have been found that the main cause of blindness in children is caused by vitamin A deficiency.

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Other vitamins

Besides vitamin A, there are many other vitamins beneficial for eyes health, are have an important role in maintaining, protecting, and improving the quality of eyes. Among them are vitamin C and vitamin E.

Vitamin C is known as essential nutrients to boost immune system and fight against free radicals. In addition, vitamin C is also needed by the body to maintain eye health, preventing cataracts, and protects retina.

While vitamin E, which is known as a substance that functions as an antioxidant and useful for preventing cancer and heart disease. This vitamin is also often used to soften and beautify the skin.In addition, vitamin E is useful to maintain and care for the retina to function optimally. Deficiency of vitamin E can lead to disruption or even damage to the retina.

There are a lot of studies have found that low intake of vitamin C and vitamin E can cause eye disorders. One important part of the eye is the retina. Some disorders of the retina, mainly due to macular degeneration in which has a role in improving the function of vision center. In general, these disorders occurs in people who have a low intake of vitamin C, E and other antioxidants.

Sources of vitamins for eyes

To facilitate people to get adequate intake of vitamins they need, to maintain and keep their eye health is to consume foods containing this vitamin. Vitamin C is mainly found in fruits are yellow, while vitamin A and vitamin E are found in many green or red vegetables.

Here are some kinds of foods, both natural fruits and natural vegetables rich in vitamins for eyes. To ease you, we also include the amount of vitamin contained in each 100 grams of food.

  • Carrots, rich in vitamin A that is 3600 RE and vitamin C as much as 8 mg.
  • Mangoes contains vitamin A as much as 185 RE, vitamin C as much as 46 mg.
  • Papaya contains vitamin A as much as 56 RE, vitamin C by 74 mg.
  • Paprika contains vitamin A as much as 875 RE, vitamin C 103 mg.
  • Spinach rich in vitamin A that is 1015 RE, vitamin C as much as 35 mg.
  • Asparagus contains vitamin A as much as 125 RE, vitamin C as much as 13 mg.
  • Broccoli contains vitamin A as much as 210 RE, vitamin C as much as 68 mg.
  • Avocados are rich in vitamin A that is 70 RE, vitamin C as much as 13 mg, and vitamin E.
  • Long beans contains vitamin A as much as 295 RE, vitamin C by 27 mg.

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