What Is Arthroscopy – Arthroscopy For Repairing Joints

Diagnosis and handling joint surgery can be done with arthroscopy procedure. This technique can also be used to stimulate the damaged joint cartilage. It’s not much different from laparoscopic technique, surgery with a large incision to the knee that also has been replaced with minimally invasive techniques.

The development of the latest orthopedics medical technology has greatly advanced, so surgery using camera or called arthroscopy can be done. At least, says dr. Sumono Handoyo SpOT, An orthopedics surgeon and Traumatology, there are six joints which are the object of arthroscopy action , the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle. “Knee joint is the part of the body most frequently injured, because anatomical structures placing it as the most active and act as a buffer for the body,” he said.

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According to Dr. Tito Sulaksito Spb, SpOT, FICS, arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in the orthopedic field to check, diagnose and follow up problems in the joint. Within this procedure, a surgeon will perform a small incision about 0.5 cm, and then put a small instrument into the joint so that the entire surface of the joint will be seen clearly on the screen.

Nowadays, with the development of technology, arthroscopy not only serves as a tool to determines diagnosis, but also to perform joints surgery. Even for joints reconstruction. “The damaged parts of the joint can be repaired,” he added, like meniscus injury caused by accidents are commonly occurs in athletes or knee osteoarthritis in the elderly. For example to perform joints reconstruction, when a tissue was broken (eg ligaments rupture) that are often experienced by football players.

If the ligaments are broken, it can not be connected again. “If the ligaments are broken, it will attract each other. So they may not be together anymore and should be replaced by taking from other, so called arthroscopy reconstruction, “he explained. That are the advantages of arthroscopy, added dr. Harjanto Effendi, SpOT, a surgeons may do shaving action or remove damaged cartilage tissue, meniscectomy or remove the meniscus is torn or damaged and can not be repaired, to take loose calcification. Even, take action to regrow joint cartilage.

There are many advantages can be obtained from this technique, including the doctor can look directly at the joints that will be slashed, the pain is much lighter than regular surgery, surgery time is faster, and shorter treatment with the rare complication. “A little surgical wound will speed the healing time for damage soft tissue ,” said dr. Sumono Handoyo SpOTIndeed, although very rare, but the possibility of post-arthroscopy complications include infection, excessive swelling or bleeding in the joints are always there be. “However, this is very rare,” said dr. Roy Edward K. SpBO. This technique is relatively safe, even for those who have old age.

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